In this segment of CANNAtalk, we gathered top industry leaders to delve into production cost analysis, focusing on identifying and managing the primary expenses in production, namely taxes, labour, and energy. The discussion highlighted the necessity of broader cost management beyond these major components to maintain a competitive edge.


Key Takeaways

  • Financial Discipline
    • The foundation of cost management is the meticulous monitoring of detailed production costs.
    • Emphasis was placed on the importance of communicating these costs clearly across all departments involved in planning, executing, and monitoring to ensure that everyone understands their role in the financial health of the company.
    • Sales and marketing are crucial in creating demand, which production teams need to fulfill efficiently under strict financial controls.
  • Underappreciated Costs:
    • The panelists pointed out the costs related to sales and marketing are often underestimated. Investment in these areas is critical for maintaining a public presence and typically involves travel, which should be carefully budgeted. 
    • It is recommended that up to 8% of total revenue be reinvested in sales and marketing initiatives to sustain visibility and engagement.
  • Continual Improvement:
    • Achieving economies of scale is vital for reducing production costs. This can be accomplished through strategic partnerships in smaller companies or through robust planning and forecasting in larger ones.
    • Integrating continual improvement into the corporate culture ensures that every employee, from the CEO to entry-level workers, are engaged in the process of making the organization better. This kind of culture not only drives efficiency and effectiveness but also fosters an environment where innovation can thrive.
  • Communication and Alignment:
    • Effective communication of expectations and goals across departments was underscored as essential for the success of cost management strategies.

In conclusion, the panel discussion reaffirmed that a comprehensive approach to managing and analyzing production costs, including often overlooked areas like sales and marketing expenses, is essential for sustained industry competitiveness. Clear communication and financial discipline across departments are crucial for realizing these objectives!

Nicholas Sosiak

Nicholas Sosiak

Chief Financial Officer - Cannara Biotech

George Goulakos

George Goulakos

Executive VP - Great White North Growers

Moderators: Shannon Kloet & Nico Hache of Hache Kloet Consulting

Shannon Kloet & Nico Hache

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