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BIOCANNA fertilizers are 100% organic and especially developed for cultivation in soil. Products grown with BIOCANNA fertilizers can be called organic, provided they are grown biologically and in accordance with international guidelines.

  • BIOCANNA fertilizers are OMRI certified and in accordance with the international guidelines.
  • BIOCANNA fertilizers have the exact right preparation method, thus preventing an overdose of nutrients.
  • Especially developed for cultivation in soil.

Product line FAQ

Keep your nutrients dark

Light breaks down iron chelates! Because of this, it is very important to ensure that no Ultra Violet light falls on the nutrient solution. Light also causes algae to grow in the nutrient solution, which can lead to blockages. Furthermore, algae can take up nutrient elements and cause nutrient deficiencies to occur.

Amounts of nutrients

Keep a record of the amounts of nutrients and additives you add to each tank of nutrients you mix. You then have a good starting point for the next time!

Nutrient tank

Take your time diluting and adjusting your nutrient tank! This is essential for the growth, flowering and development of the plants and will yield the best results.

Use prepared nutrient solution quickly

Not only the plants, but also micro-organisms really prosper in a diluted solution of Bio Flores and Bio Vega. It is advisable to use the prepared solution within two days.

Apply 1 to 3 times a week

It is important to shake bio-products well before use. Apply diluted nutritional solution 1 to 3 times a week.

Automated dripper systems

It is advisable not to use automatic drip systems, when using Bio Vega and Bio Flores, because micro flora can develop in these systems which can cause blockages. However, if you do decide to use a dripper system then it is advised to; 1. use hoses and drippers with a broad diameter; 2. rinse the drippers with water after each feeding session.

Manual feeding BioBOOST

BioBOOST can be administered manually and trouble-free via automatic drip irrigation and/ or via spraying the leaves. For spraying the leaves, use 2 ml BioBOOST per litre of water.

Do not acidify

Due to the presence of pH buffering fruit acids in Bio Vega and Bio Flores, the nutritional solution does not need to be acidified. Because the fruit acids serve as natural chelates, the nutrients can be absorbed across a wider pH course (up to pH 7).

BioBOOST plus CANNA PK 13/14

BioBOOST is not a nutrient but a metabolism stimulator and for that reason supports the working of other CANNA products, such as CANNA PK 13/14.

The EC of an organic fertilizer

Measuring the EC value of an organic nutrient, like you would do using a mineral fertilizer, is useless. Organic nutrients are not made of mineral salts but organically bound elements. An accurate EC value is therefore impossible to measure. Use organic fertilizers as described on the product label.

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