Are you a commercial Licensed Cultivator and looking for high quality and consistent inputs to grow optimal crops?

CANNA provides commercial volumes for the Green Market through it’s distributors and stores in Canada. We understand the importance of a clean, consistent and traceable input as well as keeping it simple.

Commercial Licensed Cultivators
Commercial Licensed Cultivators

How can we help?

Not only do we provide fertilizers, additives and growing mediums, our team also will go the extra mile to support your operation and processes. We strive to assist in getting you the highest quality results by providing a cost efficient input, every crop cycle.

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Access to QA Database

By signing up here, Licensed Cultivators get direct access to company, product and specific batch information for Quality Assurance purposes. In the database you will find SDS, labels, Quality Control Certificates and Batch Analysis.

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The CANNA company has several R&D locations globally. Here we keep looking for better inputs, new techniques, optimal climate conditions and practical solutions for every grower. The knowledge is being shared through our passionate staff members and through educational content.

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