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From the first seedling to becoming a licensed producer, draw us your roadmap.

I'm Tyson Wall, owner-operator at Kush Mountain. I'm the master grower, the CEO, I wear many hats. There's many years in the medical market and getting my experience built up. And then basically, we sat down on legalization. We made the hard choice. We just laid it all on the line and went for it. We sold our house, our rental properties, put our life savings into this, and we built it. Now we've got to make it work.

Give us a glimpse into the world of Kush Mountain.

Tyson: So right now we're just opening. Basically we got our license in January. We had to do a little bit of finishing to the facility. Our first crop is harvested in the building, and we start harvesting next week. We’re really excited to bring it to the market.

What are the guiding principles of Kush Mountain, and how do they shape your daily cultivation journey?

Tyson: So our values are always “whatever needs to be done gets done”. We can't cut any corners when it comes to making craft cannabis. So for instance, our first crop we brought it to 70 days in the flower room, 18 days in the dry room. Hand trim is a big thing, we're never going to get away from it.

From novice to maestro, how has your journey deepened your connection with the plant and the art of growing?

Tyson: I feel like when you're in there following these SOPs and keeping the facility so clean, I just feel like it's a whole new level of pride in the grow.

In the ever-growing industry landscape, how vital are community connections and  knowledge-sharing to you?

Tyson: Community is everything. I mean, that's why we gotta get to the trade shows, we're looking to build relationships with local dispensaries. We decided that we're only going to do direct delivery service to build those relationships. So yeah, being a part of a community is really big to us.

Which phase of the cultivation journey do you enjoy most?

“Well, my favourite part of growing is just being in the room with the plants every day. girl's happy, it's just, it's a different feeling when you're in that room”

Which phase of the cultivation journey do you enjoy the least?

Tyson: Might be trimming.

From nurturing the soil, conditioning the plant, to team collaboration & industry movements, how important is consistency in shaping success?

“Consistency is 100% important. As far as I'm concerned, I came from legacy, you're only as good as your last batch, so consistency is key.”

What's your next big green dream?

Tyson: So right now my main goal is just to get the brand up and running, create the highest quality cannabis we can, and just get it in the hands of the consumers.

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