A Match Made in Canadian Cannabis Heaven

MicroCannabi is a family business that was established in 2021, and since then, the owners and their team have been committed to producing locally sourced, artisanal cannabis products that meet the highest standards of the industry. With a growing facility built and designed to meet the highest quality standards, MicroCannabi has relied on the expertise and professionalism of its team, as well as the superior products and customer service provided by CANNA, to achieve these goals.

As a micro-production with a total of 2150 square feet of canopy, MicroCannabi takes each consumer comment into consideration to continually improve the quality of their products. They have four production rooms in a perpetual cycle, so every 3 weeks or so, they have a harvest, allowing them to always have an acceptable volume of premium cannabis products available for their customers. The combination of MicroCannabi's dedication to quality, the close partnership with CANNA, and their commitment to taking consumer feedback into account has enabled them to become a trusted name in the cannabis industry, producing exceptional products with high terpene and cannabinoid levels that meet the highest standards of the industry.

Guidance from the CANNA-sseurs

When MicroCannabi started, they did extensive testing of different nutrients to find the best products for their needs. Their consultants and suppliers recommended CANNA, and after using other products, they found deficiencies with other brands that they didn't experience with CANNA, such as potassium and nitrogen. MicroCannabi's peers in the industry have also praised their products, and they attribute their success in part to the CANNA products they use.

MicroCannabi states that they haven't found this level of consistency and quality with other products. In their extensive testing of different nutrients, there was always something they had to modify with other brands, but with CANNA, they can follow their recipes, and everything goes smoothly. They never have to question the products, and it's crucial for them to have that trust in their nutrient supplier.

CANNA's team has been an incredible partner for us. Their expertise and willingness to collaborate with us have been invaluable in our journey to producing the highest quality cannabis products. Their customer service is unparalleled, always available to answer any questions or concerns we may have. It's evident that they care deeply about the success of their customers and the industry as a whole. We're grateful for their support and look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.

Growing Together: MicroCannabi's Successful Partnership with CANNA

Learning the Ropes and Reaping the Rewards

Growing in Rockwool

When growing in rockwool MicroCannabi used CANNA Substra Vega and Flores, which is a base fertilizer specially formulated to meet the characteristics of an inert rockwool substrate. Substra Vega was used during the vegetative phase and when plants turned into flowering, CANNA Substra Flores was used to feed the plants until the end.

The Switch

The switch to CANNA Coco Flex was a significant change for MicroCannabi, but it wasn't a decision that was made lightly. They found that rockwool required more water, which led to more runoff and ultimately more waste. This pushed them to test other mediums. As soon as MicroCannabi noticed the significant improvement in their plants' quality and yield with CANNA Coco Flex, they made the switch almost immediately.

Growing in CANNA Coco Flex

Switching from rockwool to CANNA Coco Flex was a transformative experience for MicroCannabi. CANNA Coco Flex is a ready-to-use solution that consists of compressed high-quality coco coir in a ready-to-use open-top grow bag. The product is carefully washed to ensure a consistent and clean medium with a balanced pH and salinity for nutrient uptake. This switch resulted in higher cannabinoid and terpene levels, as well as higher yields per light. Learning the Ropes and Reaping the Rewards

MicroCannabi now also uses CANNA Coco A&B for the entire plant life cycle or growth cycle. Alongside their entire lineup of CANNA additives. This product contains all the essential elements for optimal growth and flowering, making it easy to use and dissolve directly in water. The CANNA Coco A&B works together with the substrate, slowly releasing the elements to the plant. The coco suubstrate works as a buffer here, which is why there is only the A&B part for the entire cycle. No need to switch when the plant starts flowering. One less step in the process.

So with CANNA products, it's recognized throughout the industry, when someone comes into our rooms, beautiful CANNA green surrounds them, that's what it looks like and that's what you don't get with other products unfortunately. In all the tests we did, there was always something that needed to be modified in the chart, whereas with CANNA, we follow our recipes and it always goes very well, we don't have any questions to ask ourselves, we're never stressed, we know we can trust the products and that's super important for us.

Growing Together: MicroCannabi's Successful Partnership with CANNA

The Proof is in the Pot

MicroCannabi has always relied on CANNA's products for nutrients and have had great success using them. CANNABOOST, for instance, significantly improved the quality and development of their buds, and they even use it on their foliage now too.

When MicroCannabi made the switch from rockwool to CANNA Coco Flex, they saw significant improvements in their plants' quality and yield.

In the beginning, our largest room had an average yield of about 20 kilos per harvest, but with the switch to CANNA Coco Flex, our smallest room recently yielded 27 kilos.

Additionally, the switch to CANNA Coco Flex containers not only resulted in higher yields but also significantly improved the flavor profiles of their products, leading to higher terpene and cannabinoid levels. With rockwool, they struggled to reach THC levels of 21-22%, but with CANNA Coco Flex, they have seen a remarkable improvement in their THC levels, which are now so high that they are trying to cap it at 30%.

The switch to CANNA Coco Flex containers also had a direct impact on labor costs, making their production process more efficient and cost-effective. The combination of CANNA's superior products and MicroCannabi's commitment to quality has allowed them to produce exceptional cannabis products that meet the highest standards of the industry.

By using CANNA products, MicroCannabi can ensure their plants receive the highest quality nutrients and minerals available. CANNA Coco A&B ensures optimum nutrient absorption, while CANNABOOST promotes fuller fruits and better taste. CANNA RHIZOTONIC XP encourages lush, new root growth, and CANNAZYM promotes consistent root health.

Growing Together, Towards a Greener Future

MicroCannabi and CANNA share a vision for the future. Both are committed to producing high-quality products and promoting sustainable practices. The switch to CANNA Coco Flex resulted in reduced costs for MicroCannabi, which is an important step towards sustainability. MicroCannabi's aspirations include expanding their brand and continuing to establish themselves in the market. Being part of the CANNA family provides visibility and credibility, and CANNA is always there to help with any issues or situations that arise.

Growing Together: MicroCannabi's Successful Partnership with CANNA

MicroCannabi's partnership with CANNA has been integral to their success as a top-shelf producer of premium cannabis products. By utilizing CANNA's range of high-quality products, including CANNA Coco Flex, CANNA Coco A&B, CANNABOOST, CANNA RHIZOTONIC XP, CANNAZYM, and CANNA PK 13/14, MicroCannabi has been able to produce consistently high-quality cannabis with remarkable yields and improved terpene and cannabinoid levels. The switch to CANNA Coco Flex containers had a significant impact on their business, resulting in higher yields, lower labor costs, and better-quality products.

MicroCannabi's commitment to sustainability and quality, combined with CANNA's expertise and superior products, has allowed them to establish themselves as a leader in the Canadian cannabis industry. Additionally, MicroCannabi takes pride in their Grease Monkey hybrid variety, which offers a high THC potential and pungent, earthy, and carbonated aromas with dominant terpenes of Caryophyllene, Limonene, Farnesene, and Myrcene.

Overall, MicroCannabi and CANNA share a vision for a greener future and will continue to work together to produce exceptional cannabis products that meet the highest standards of the industry.

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