Experience and Passion: The Backbone of Lifecycle Botanics

In the verdant expanses of Vancouver Island, a profound understanding of cannabis cultivation is unfolding. This testament to the marriage of science and nature goes by the name of Lifecycle Botanics, a licensed nursery led by the seasoned Mark Qvist. This dedicated group is forging a new standard in the cannabis industry, combining their extensive experience with a fervor for innovation.

Over two decades in cannabis production have honed their expertise and instilled in them a deep respect for the cannabis plant. Such admiration goes beyond simple cultivation, it extends to providing high-quality, clean, and potent starting materials to fellow industry professionals.

Lifecycle Botanics doesn't just stop at growing healthy plants. They delve into market nuances, meticulously tracking trends and saturation levels while continually refreshing their offering with new genetics. Their commitment to delivering only the best is evident in the in-house pheno hunting and strain characterization trials, ensuring an optimal phenotype for their clients.

Clone Rooting Room: An Inside Look

Picture a clone rooting room, brimming with the promise of new life. In this sanctuary, a strict Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program reigns supreme. Staff are trained in the delicate art of identifying pests and beneficial insects, keeping the facility pristine. They've even enlisted the help of the Bavaria bassiana fungus, nature's little secret for added protection against root aphids and other pests.

This dedicated team starts their day with a thorough inspection, documenting populations of beneficial insects. It's a ritual that allows them to effectively manage and adjust their IPM levels as needed.

Enhancing Cannabis Cultivation: A Lifecycle Botanics & CANNA Collaboration

Creating A Success Story: Embracing Feedback and Ensuring Quality

With Lifecycle Botanics taking care of these initial stages, clients and producers can focus on what they truly excel at, producing high-quality flower products. Their unwavering dedication extends to their commitment to quality control. Every clone is handpicked and put through stringent checks. They even overcut all orders by a minimum of 20% to ensure the highest quality clones make it out of their facility. This level of meticulousness ensures not only that their plants are clean and free of infestations, but yours are as well.

The Mother Room: The Heart of Operations

The birthplace of their plant cycles. This isn't just a room, it's a sanctuary of life where they cut their clones and follow strict Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd) procedures. The mother plants here are the cornerstone of their operations, the basis of their success, and they are treated with the reverence they deserve.

In maintaining the health and vigour of these mother plants, Lifecycle Botanics leans on the proven performance of CANNA's Rhizotonic. With a nutrient-rich blend that encourages root growth and recovery, this potent product ensures the room stays at optimal conditions, enabling the production of as many cuttings as possible.

Enhancing Cannabis Cultivation: A Lifecycle Botanics & CANNA Collaboration

Maintaining Consistency: The CANNA RHIZOTONIC Advantage

In the cannabis industry, consistency is paramount. That consistency begins with a healthy mother plant and constant rotation to avoid stressed, root-bound, or aged plants. They have their own in-house laboratory, a beacon of quality assurance, where their trained staff consistently checks plants throughout all growth stages.

The integration of CANNA's RHIZOTONIC into Lifecycle Botanics' nutrient program paints a compelling picture of the product's efficacy. Lifecycle Botanics’ thriving operation, built on a foundation of quality, consistency, and dedication, is a testament to the results achievable with the right products and a committed team. The effective partnership between CANNA and Lifecycle Botanics showcases the value of premium products in cultivating not just successful crops, but a successful business as well.

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