Green Karat, a licensed cannabis producer based in Quebec, has been making waves in the industry since May 2020. Established on the North Shore of Montreal, this venture is the realization of a shared dream nurtured by an enduring partnership between two passionate entrepreneurs. Their mission is clear: to cultivate refined artisanal cannabis of the highest quality. At the core of their remarkable journey lies a robust partnership with CANNA, a pivotal factor in their pursuit of excellence.

From Passion to Purpose: A Journey in Cultivation

Paul and Jean-Fred, the co-founders of Green Karat, share a profound passion for horticulture that laid the foundation for their journey in cannabis cultivation. This journey began with a love for plants, nurtured by family traditions of gardening and horticulture.

From humble beginnings with a mother room, a vegetative room, and two flowering rooms, along with a strategic partnership with a nursery to care for their mothers, Green Karat has witnessed remarkable growth. Over the years, they've expanded to four flowering grow rooms, allowing them to offer a wider variety of cultivars to serve a diverse clientele with different terpene profiles. This expansion has solidified their position in the industry as a significant player, and it's a testament to their dedication to cannabis cultivation.

Cultivating Excellence: Green Karat's Journey with CANNA

Roots in Quebec, Growth Worldwide: Green Karat's Reach & Craftsmanship

Green Karat's journey in cannabis cultivation has not been limited by borders. While firmly rooted in their Quebec hometown, they have expanded their horizons to serve markets at the domestic, Canadian, provincial, and even European levels. Their limited edition of ultra-premium certified cannabis has garnered attention and acclaim, showcasing their dedication to providing exceptional cultivars to discerning consumers. What truly distinguishes Green Karat from competitors is their relentless focus on genetics and cultivars. Extensive research and development efforts are at the core of their mission to bring diversity in terpenes and cannabinoids to their products. This commitment to variety and quality has made them stand out in the industry.

Discovering CANNA: A Turning Point

Amidst the array of fertilizers and growing mediums, Green Karat discovered CANNA products through a trusted friend, William Fournier. The simplicity and effectiveness of CANNA's offerings immediately struck a chord with them. The A and B fertilizer, in particular, simplified their nutrient management and allowed them to allocate more time to other critical tasks.

Quality Reflects Quality: CANNA's Impact on the Final Product

“The quality of nutrients is reflected in the quality of the final product. By using CANNA products, we've noticed an improved quality of our final product. Before, with other nutrients, plants had deficiencies. With CANNA, there are no deficiencies. Plants thrive in the systems and respond very well. In short, a healthy plant produces beautiful flowers. Plants really respond better with CANNA. Health is crucial.”
- Jean-Fred

The quality of nutrients plays a crucial role in the quality of the final product. Since adopting CANNA products, Green Karat has noticed a significant improvement in the overall quality of their cannabis. Plants thrive, deficiencies are rare, and the health of the plants is paramount. Healthy plants translate to beautiful flowers, and with CANNA, they've achieved just that.

Simplicity, Quality, and Efficiency: The CANNA Advantage

The impact of CANNA’s Coco Nutrient A & B system was noticeable from the outset, with plants displaying remarkable vitality, vigorous side shoots, and luxuriant root development. The reduction in the risk of nutrient-related deficiencies or excesses has been particularly noteworthy, resulting in more resilient and vigorous plants. Ultimately, this nutrient system has contributed to the production of healthier, higher-quality plants with an abundance of vibrant foliage and an excellent foundation for flowering.

Cultivating Excellence: Green Karat's Journey with CANNA

“With CANNA, it's one less thing to worry about. We have so much to manage here that CANNA simplifies things. The A and B fertilizer is complete, simple, effective, not complicated, and we can move on to other tasks. Dealing with a fertilizer that gels up and doesn't meet our requirements would be a waste of time and money. So, CANNA is a reliable fertilizer, of excellent quality, and it allows us to focus on other aspects.”
- Paul

The Switch to CANNA COCO Flex - Simplifying Operations and Enhancing Quality

Green Karat's decision to switch from CANNA COCO 50 Litre Substrate to CANNA COCO Flex has revolutionized their cultivation operations. The simplicity of using CANNA COCO Flex, with its 3.8 liters of compressed high quality Coco in a ready to use open top grow bag has reduced labor requirements, and significantly streamlined their day-to-day processes. These 1-gallon COCO Flex bags provide an efficient and user-friendly solution for substrate, saving both time and effort. This enhanced simplicity has allowed Green Karat to focus on other critical aspects of their cultivation while ensuring optimal nutrient delivery to their plants.

Healthy, silky green plants with beautiful buds have become the norm, reflecting the robust growth that CANNA has facilitated. Not only has CANNA been able to help Green Karat optimize operational efficiency but has also played a crucial role in producing consistently high-quality flowers, meeting the standards of today's discerning consumers.

A Resounding Recommendation

For Green Karat, the equation is straightforward: Quality nutrients equals quality products. Today's consumers seek superior quality, and CANNA's excellent nutrient quality helps them meet these demands. They wholeheartedly recommend CANNA to other growers who share their pursuit of excellence.

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