Cannara Biotech Inc., a licensed cannabis producer based in Quebec, has been making waves in the Canadian cannabis industry, delivering exceptional product quality at accessible prices. Their craft approach and dedication to excellence have garnered them a loyal following. At the heart of their success lies a strong partnership with CANNA, which has proven to be a match made in cannabis heaven.

A Match Made in Cannabis Heaven:

Cannara's Cultivation Director-Irrigation, Steven Allard, joined the company right from its inception, drawn by the vision of producing top-quality cannabis products. With a profound background in cannabis cultivation, Steven understood the importance of partnering with a reliable nutrient provider. After extensive research and trials, the team unanimously decided to start their journey with CANNA's premium nutrients due to their simplicity of use and consistent, impressive results.

Learning the Ropes and Reaping the Rewards:

From the outset, Cannara recognized the importance of partnering with a trusted nutrient provider for their cannabis cultivation success.

During their cultivation journey, Cannra's experts engaged in Research and Development (R&D) with other nutrient brands to explore different options and understand how they compared to CANNA's offerings. However, this endeavor posed challenges.

One notable issue they encountered with some other brands was the complexity of the nutrient solutions. These products involved multiple parts and intricate mixing procedures, making them difficult to use consistently. The team quickly realized that such complexity could lead to imbalances and unpredictable results in their cultivation process.

Cultivating Success: Cannara Biotech's Journey with CANNA

Additionally, some other brands struggled to maintain the health and vigor of their cannabis plants. Imbalances in the nutrient formulas resulted in visibly diminished bud size and altered terpene profiles, disrupting the consistency and quality Cannara Biotech aimed to achieve with their products.

Another concern during their testing with alternative brands was the lack of precision in nutrient delivery. Some products did not provide the same level of direct nutrient absorption as CANNA's Substra Vega A+B and Substra Flores A+B product line designed for rockwool. This inconsistency raised doubts about the efficacy of other nutrient solutions, as it compromised the accurate and reliable growth of their cannabis plants.

As a company dedicated to delivering top-quality products, maintaining a reliable and standardized cultivation process was essential. The variability in outcomes from other brands put that objective at risk and reaffirmed their commitment to CANNA from the start.

The Proof is in the Pot:

CANNA’s Substra product line played a pivotal role, providing the foundation for Cannara's cannabis plants during the crucial growth phase. The impact was immediate, showcasing vitality with vigorous side shoots and luxuriant root development. Thanks to the rich supply of directly absorbable nutrients and trace elements, CANNA Substra Vega A & B ensured complete nutrient absorption right from the start. This precision nurtured consistent, healthy growth across all plants, minimizing the risk of diseases and ensuring top-notch performance throughout the growth phase.

As the cannabis plants transitioned into the blooming phase, CANNA Substra Flores took the lead, stimulating robust flowering and fructification. Tailored to the evolving nutrient needs of this stage, CANNA Substra Flores delivered all the essential elements, with less nitrogen and more potassium and phosphorus. The result? An exuberant bloom, adorned with vibrant and resinous buds that left both cultivators and consumers captivated.

Cultivating Success: Cannara Biotech's Journey with CANNA

Looking to the Future - Growing Together, Towards a Greener Future

The partnership between Cannara Biotech and CANNA has propelled remarkable success in their cannabis cultivation operations, paving the way for exciting expansions.

Cannara Biotech's Farnham facility stands as Quebec's largest indoor cultivation site, spanning an impressive 27 acres with a total building size of 625,000 square feet. Operating at 170,000 square feet in its first phase, it produces up to 8,000 kg of premium cannabis per year.

In parallel, their newly-built Valleyfield facility covers 1,030,000 square feet on 3,000,000 square feet of land, boasting an impressive output potential of up to 117,000 kg of premium cannabis annually. This advanced facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including irrigation, robotics, lighting, automatic shading, and smart tempered glass roofing, ensuring optimal growing conditions.

With their sights firmly set on a greener and more prosperous tomorrow, Cannara Biotech remains committed to embracing CANNA's premium nutrients, particularly the full CANNA Substra lineup, as key drivers in their journey and throughout their expansion over the last few years.

CANNA nutrients, combined with their exceptional team and infrastructure, have played a vital role in delivering robust plant growth, vibrant blooms, and consistent quality. As Cannara ventures into new markets, they place their trust in CANNA to continue driving their journey towards a greener, more sustainable future for the Canadian cannabis industry

Cultivating Success: Cannara Biotech's Journey with CANNA

The Verdict - Cannara Biotech Recommends CANNA

Cannara's Cultivation Director-Irrigation, Steven Allard, sums up their experience with CANNA in a clear statement:

"Very simple, it works. I mean, you'll see the results when you use it. It's easy to use, because you don't have four or five parts to mix, it is just straight forward".

The consistency, ease of use, and impressive results have solidified CANNA as the preferred nutrient provider for Cannara, and they enthusiastically recommend CANNA to other cannabis producers seeking exceptional product quality and reliable performance.

As Cannara continues to expand its market reach, the relationship with CANNA remains strong, anchored in a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for cultivating greener possibilities in the cannabis world.

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