Growing of cannabis in Canada is permitted as of today's Canadian Cannabis Act, created by the Government of Canada. However, additional federal and provincial restrictions apply. Any person browsing the cannabis section of is responsible itself to verify the legal requirements applicable to grow cannabis in their jurisdiction.

CANNA is offering 5 nutrient lines, additives and growing mediums, designed for all cannabis growing methods. We are here to provide all necessary information for you to grow your favorite crops yourself. Once you've tried CANNA products you will see: Quality Proves Itself!

Originally CANNA is a Dutch company that developed and marketed fertilizers, additives and growing mediums. From the nineties on CANNA started pushing its successful growing concept across numerous countries worldwide. Each country deserves its own approach, in line with the local market conditions.

Because of our extensive knowledge and experience we are capable of serving a large number of audiences that grow a large variety of crops.