• Suitable for all seeds and cuttings
    • Quick and easy water absorption
    • Easy transplanting & fast rooting, cutting down pre-veg time
    • Perfect balance between aeration & moisture retention
    • Compatible with all natural substrates, such as coco and peat-based potting mixes
    • Fully compostable and degradable
    • Packaged dry for a longer shelf life
    CANNA Rootplugs


    • Fully soak the CANNA Rootplug using plain water or liquid fertilizer with an EC of 1.5 and pH 5.5
    • Place plugs to allow excess water to drain away
    • Insert the cutting or seed into the pre-cut hole.

    Technical specs

    • Ingredients: Coco coir & Peat
    • EC: 0,6* and pH: 5.4-6.8 (pH and EC measured in 1:1.5 extract with demineralized water.)
    • Initial Moisture: 10-20%
    • Moisture Retention: 89%
    • Height: 48mm
    • Diameter: 40mm

    Packaging & Storage

    • Packaged in a plastic bag within a box to avoid cross contamination
    • Quantity: 1,000 units per box
    • Box Dimensions: 540 x 315 x 460 mm
    • Box Weight: 7,5kg
    • 24 boxes per pallet (24,000 loose Rootplugs)
    • Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place above 4°C (40° F)
    Additional info

    Additional info

    CANNA Rootplugs
    Available in
    1,000 units per box
    CANNA Rootplugs