Since their launch, Terra Vega and Terra Flores have become the most used nutrients worldwide for cultivating short cycle, fast growing plants in mineral soils and improved soiless mixes. CANNA TERRA composition has been adjusted to suit these type of plants needs. Terra Vega and Terra Flores contain all the nutrients a plant needs in a form that can be absorbed directly. Optimal uptake of nutrients is guaranteed from the start.

A part of the TERRA development process was understanding the interaction of nutrients with the medium and engineering a nutrient that takes full advantage of this process. This means you should have no worries about the quality of CANNA nutrients throughout the entire process of cultivation.

CANNA Terra Vega

The development of vigorous growth, heavy branching and good root development is characterised by healthy, fast growth. This is the base requirement for achieving top results. Terra Vega contains all the nutritional elements that a plant needs during this phase. Terra Vega works universally and is suitable for use with all types of pre-fertilized mineral soils and peat based potting mixes, such as Terra Professional Plus.

CANNA Terra Flores

It is always desirable that all the nutritional elements a plant needs should be directly available in the correct proportions during their critical, prolific flowering phase. Terra Flores contains all this nutritional elements. The plant’s need for nitrogen diminishes just as their need for potassium and phosphorous greatly increases during the flowering phase. In order to accommodate these changing circumstances Terra Flores has the correct proportions of all the needed elements, to meet the plants’ requirements, and thereby insures flowering success.

CANNA TERRA nutrients and potting mixes

CANNA Terra Professional Plus

The biggest advantages of growing in soil are its ease of use and the tolerant nature of this medium, as a result of which small deviations in the feeding given do not have to have serious consequences for the yield. However, one disadvantage is that different types of soil retain different nutritional elements which make precise control of the nutrient dosage difficult. TERRA nutrients have been developed to overcome this problem and CANNA Terra Professional Plus has been specially designed to make the most of the TERRA nutrients. Using them together will provide for the best possible results.

The special Terra Professional Plus formula was developed to fulfill the desire of creating the purest soil mix possible and to obtain the best effects with CANNA TERRA nutrients. CANNA Terra Professional Plus is made up from 100% organic raw materials each of which is the highest quality. Exclusive, high value organic ingredients such as airy peat moss and different types of tree bark (as a substitute for perlite) which have an antiseptic effect are components of CANNA Terra Professional Plus. These have a direct result in promoting exceptional root development and formation of thicker stems, while faster metabolism combined with low sickness rates ensure an increased production. It is enriched with special feeding mixes, containing all the elements plants need during their first week, meaning no additional feeding is needed at that time!

Prevent stress!

In a root-system that is functioning properly, some roots will die off and new ones will form. The dead roots form an ideal food source for pathogens. Once pathogenic fungi have multiplied in the dead root material they form a threat to the healthy roots, which can be easily attacked causing a sharp decline in overall root function. As a result, the entire plant will be stressed and growth will be stunted. CANNAZYM should be used to prevent this.

The enzymes in CANNAZYM will ensure dead root-material is quickly converted into minerals and sugars. This is important because these elements form an important nutritional source for the plants and the soil environment. Also, rotting produces poisonous materials, which will be counteracted with the chance of infection by pathogenic fungi reduced considerably. In addition, a number of easily absorbable vitamins are added to CANNAZYM, which will stimulate the plants into producing new roots. For these reasons CANNAZYM should be continually added to the feeding solution from the second week of cultivation, diluted at the ratio of 1:400.

CANNA Additives

100% vegetable

RHIZOTONIC is a powerful, vegetable based root stimulator. It causes extra root growth and, in this way, helps the plants to become established quickly. For this reason RHIZOTONIC is an ideal product for rooted cuttings and plants that need to be potted up, or for plants that have developed badly after being in a state of shock. RHIZOTONIC contains a wide variety of trace elements that are advantageous for the plant. The first 2 or 3 times you use RHIZOTONIC you should add it to the feeding water at the ratio of 1:250 or spray it on the leaves.

Higher yields

PK 13/14 is a pure, high value mix of phosphorus and potassium that is given frequently during flowering. It is given to the plants along with the feeding about 7-10 days after flowers appear for about 10 days, adjustable for the grower and crop. During flowering the plants need extra phosphate (P) and potassium (K) and giving PK 13/14 will satisfy this need. PK 13/14 dissolves very easily and is immediately available to the plants. The results speak for themselves: higher yields and really substantial flower formation.

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