Because CANNA COCO is 100% organic it has a high but relative Cation-exchange capacity (CEC). This means the substrate has the ability to hold and retain certain nutrients vigorously thus requiring these nutrients be supplied in a special form that remains available to the plant.

CANNA COCO products

Due to the special Coco characteristics in combination with the unique pre-buffering process, it is possible to combine vegetative and flowering nutrients in one nutrient mix. The media and the plant itself control which nutrients are released to the plant at just the right times. This means the grower doesn’t have to worry about the proper point to convert from grow to bloom nutrients!

Why A&B?

CANNA COCO is a two-part nutrient; hence there is an A&B version. This is essential because the concentration and forms of the nutrients supplied interact with each other in the concentrated form. This interaction can cause non-recoverable precipitates and an overall change in those specialized COCO forms of the nutrients.


Hit the Max with COGr!


Besides CANNA COCO, CANNA developed a COCO substrate especially for the more experienced grower: CANNA COGr. CANNA COGr is compressed COCO and consists of a sophisticated mix of COCO fibers, COCO peat and COCO husks. Thanks to the coarse COCO structure, COGr has the unique property of absorbing large amounts of direct available water and nutrients. At the same time the open structure ensures enough air is available for the roots.

COGr is both pressed and dried, which makes transport and storage very comfortable. In order to prepare them for use, they are soaked and buffered with a special solution: COGr buffer Agent. After adding Buffer Agent the boards will increase in volume from 3 to 17 liters.

CANNA has developed 2 special COGR fertilizers, COGr Vega and COGr Flores. COGr Vega and COGr Flores contain all plant essential nutrients (macro and micro) necessary for grow and bloom COGr can be reused up to 3 times without any loss of quality.

COGr experiences

Martin and Gerhardt are two Swiss growers who have been growing since the early nineties. Since they grow in CANNA COCO products, they never want another medium to enter their greenhouse. Two years ago, when they switched from COCO to COGr they easily produced six harvests a year with one hand tied behind their backs.

CANNA COGr products

On top of this, many professional growers tip their hats when they see and taste the harvested results of Martin and Gerhardt. “Personally I think the main advantage of COGr is the possibility to manage three harvests in a row, smoothly. In the past we used potting mix, it has almost ruined my back!” COGr boards are light as a feather and stiff, which makes them easy for transport. “It only takes an hour to harvest and plant 250 new plants. Gerhardt cuts out the old plants; I follow him and put new cuttings in the empty holes. No need for carrying new slabs or heavy bags of potting mix. There is no easier way.”

Apart from the user-friendliness and cost savings this medium produces a superior, mouth-watering quality. Thanks to the lightness of coco the root development is extremely fast. It is striking that plants grown on COGr are better resistant to high temperatures. “Last summer temperatures were as high as 38˚C for many weeks. Still we harvested a perfect crop.”

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