Growing on Pre-Fertilized potting mixes

Growing on pre-fertilized soil is easy and ideal for inexperienced growers. The CANNA TERRA line is designed to match these substrated and exists of one-part nutrients for the growth and flowering stages. It ensures healthy plants and great yields, indoor and outdoor.

  • User friendly, also for inexperienced growers
  • For growing indoor and outdoor
  • One-part nutrients, super simple
  • Pre-fertilized substrate with high grade potting mix fertilizers

Growing on coco coir

Growing on coco coir is a great way to grow your plants and coco is a renewable resource. The unique buffering capacity of CANNA Coco allows for just 2 bottles from beginning till harvest. This line is great for the inexperienced as well as the advanced grower.

  • Unique buffering quality of the coco
  • CANNA Coco A&B nutrients designed for this substrate
  • Easy to use
  • Open structure stimulates root development
  • CANNA COCO substrate is free of harmful viruses and soil diseases
CANNA Peat Mix

Growing on Canadian Peat Moss Mixes

Peat moss is Canada’s number 1 selling substrate. It has a remarkable ability to manage water efficiently and hold on to nutrients that would otherwise leach out of the soil. Peat Mixes are pH stabilized by adding lime to it. They usually contain a weak nutrient starter charge, sometimes none at all. Examples of Canadian Peat Mixes are; Pro-Mix (BX, HP, CC), Sunshine Mix (#1, #4, #8 and #15), NutriMix HP, Berger (BM6, BM6HP), Lambert (LM-HP) and other similar blends.

  • Specifically designed for Canadian peat mix growers
  • Unique A&B fertilizer formula for all plants from beginning till harvest
  • Highly concentrated; recommended use of 0.5 to a maximum 2ml/Liter
  • Very easy to use

Growing in a recirculating water system

The CANNA AQUA range is developed for growing in a recirculating hydroponic system (nft, earoponics). The roots of the plants are in direct contact with the nutrient solution and the drainage water is reused.

  • Precise nutrient control
  • Specifically designed for recirculating systems
  • User friendly, no need to adjust the pH after the initial pH setting
  • Directly absorbable compounds
  • Water saving, so environmental friendly

Growing in run-to-waste rockwool systems

Growing in rockwool requires a specific fertilizer approach as the substrate is inert and does not buffer any elements. CANNA Substra is the oldest CANNA fertilizer with proven results over decades. In rockwool systems the drainage water is not re-used.

  • Grow with precision
  • No damaging ballast substances
  • Directly absorbable compounds
  • The original CANNA formula for rockwool
  • CANNA Substra Vega and Flores come in a version for hard water and soft water

Growing 100% organic

The BIOCANNA nutrients are composed of 100% plant based elements. Components are monitored from selection to the production process to ensure a high vegan quality and meet the highest international organic standards.

  • Composed of 100% natural ingredients
  • No material of animal origin, suitable for a vegan lifestyle
  • Organic soil, fertilizer and additive
  • Harvest grown with the complete BIOCANNA product line may be called EKO
  • OMRI Canada certified products