CANNA Terra Flores

Change from CANNA Terra Vega to CANNA Terra Flores when the flowers begin to develop. Normally speaking this will be after the plants have been lit for 12 hours per day, for between 1 and 3 weeks.


Never dilute more CANNAZYM than will be used within 10 days.


If you are using CANNA RHIZOTONIC always add this to the feed water before you adjust the pH; CANNA RHIZOTONIC is a natural pH UP product.

Foliar feeding with RHIZOTONIC

Foliar feeding with RHIZOTONIC is most efficient when this is carried out around the time that the lights go out when cultivating inside, or just before sunset when cultivating outside.

Use PK 13/14 to prevent accumulation

Prevent the accumulation of phosphate and potassium by using PK 13/14 no more than one week.

Adding acid to water

When you dilute an acidic product, always add the acid to the water, never add water to the acid, if it splashes it will cause burns on your skin or in your eyes!

Adjusting pH

The products designed to adjust the pH are concentrated products. It is sometimes difficult to adjust the pH correctly in one go. To make life easier for yourself, dilute one part pH adjuster with ten parts water and use this to adjust the pH in your nutrient tank.

Mixing nutrients

Measuring the nutrient reservoir works as follows: Take EC/ppm as the starting point, measure it and determine whether it should be higher or lower, based on the values shown in the instructions. Only then should you adjust the pH if necessary. Try to get the nutrient solution’s pH value correct at the first attempt.

CANNAZYM and Clay Pebbles

CANNAZYM extends the life-span of Clay Pebbles and other growing mediums because it breaks down dead roots.

Rinse the clay pebbles

Clay pebbles can have a high salt content. By rinsing the pebbles with water, these harmful salts can be washed away. An additional advantage of this is that dust particles are also rinsed off and these may have caused blockages.

Watering Coco

It's not necessary to water with CANNA Coco in advance of planting. It is recommen­ded to drip the coco with nutrient solution (2 ml CANNA Coco A & 2 ml Coco B /litre; pH 5.2-6.2) until drain appears. The coco now contains enough nutrients and water for a couple of days. Furthermore, the right temperature (20 - 25 °C / 68 – 77 °F) and high air humidity guarantee an optimal start.

Adding CANNAZYM to your potting medium

CANNAZYM can be given continually. This is most easily achieved by mixing it with the feeding in the proportion of 2.5 ml/litre; 1:400, or it can be given once a week in the proportion of 10 ml/litre; 1:100. It is also possible to add the CANNAZYM to the nutrient tank when it is just 25% full at 10 ml/litre; 1:100. CANNAZYM also makes the potting medium more suitable for reuse.

Use prepared nutrient solution quickly

Not only the plants, but also micro-organisms really prosper in a diluted solution of Bio Flores and Bio Vega. It is advisable to use the prepared solution within two days.

Apply 1 to 3 times a week

It is important to shake bio-products well before use. Apply diluted nutritional solution 1 to 3 times a week.

Automated dripper systems

It is advisable not to use automatic drip systems, when using Bio Vega and Bio Flores, because micro flora can develop in these systems which can cause blockages. However, if you do decide to use a dripper system then it is advised to; 1. use hoses and drippers with a broad diameter; 2. rinse the drippers with water after each feeding session.

Manual feeding BioBOOST

BioBOOST can be administered manually and trouble-free via automatic drip irrigation and/ or via spraying the leaves. For spraying the leaves, use 2 ml BioBOOST per litre of water.

Do not acidify

Due to the presence of pH buffering fruit acids in Bio Vega and Bio Flores, the nutritional solution does not need to be acidified. Because the fruit acids serve as natural chelates, the nutrients can be absorbed across a wider pH course (up to pH 7).

BioBOOST plus CANNA PK 13/14

BioBOOST is not a nutrient but a metabolism stimulator and for that reason supports the working of other CANNA products, such as CANNA PK 13/14.

The EC of an organic fertilizer

Measuring the EC value of an organic nutrient, like you would do using a mineral fertilizer, is useless. Organic nutrients are not made of mineral salts but organically bound elements. An accurate EC value is therefore impossible to measure. Use organic fertilizers as described on the product label.