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CANNA - The coco pioneers

1987 - The introduction of coco in agricultural cultivation. It became clear that coco could be an ideal growing medium for root development resulting in stronger and healthier crops.

As with any new products brought into the market there were successes and failures along the way. There really wasn’t much known during those early years about coco as a growing medium and the market was driven for an alternative to peat products. This search led to the founders of CANNA to begin the process of experimenting with coco and as a result becoming pioneers in the field of coco.

First to market

Years of extensive research using new techniques of extraction and analysis resulted in CANNA COCO being the first coco system in the market. The quality proved itself, exceeding all expectations it became clear that the rise of COCO was unstoppable and it gained a large market share within the horticultural sector!

Demand exceeded supply and CANNA invested heavily in local infrastructure in India creating its own inland production facility to ensure a constant supply. Through the creation and development of a non-steamed high quality product, CANNA became the first official RHP certified product in India. Even back in the early days, CANNA was setting the standard of using only the purest material and resources.

We test coco fibre structures to ensure the best possible results.

The soaking of the coco husks in fresh water (a process that we still use today) guarantees the cleanest raw product available. In an effort to further control the process, huge concrete bunkers were built for storage and mechanization was introduced into the manual process, while long term contracts were signed with local farmers to ensure that CANNA is able to control the supply for years to come. One of the biggest advantages of this type of supply chain control is the ability to harvest without soil contact while having full control over the ripening and composting process. This dedication to quality results in a product with a fine, uniform structure, free from pesticides, viruses and soil diseases, still guaranteed by CANNA today to be the best coco product on the market.


Whatever cultivation system you choose, CANNA COCO substrates are available in an array of shapes and sizes. CANNA COCO is your choice for all your growing requirements be it loose coco, pressed coco or open top bags. Every CANNA COCO product contains a controlled well balanced mix of coco dust, coco fibre and/or coco granulate. Looking for something specific to reach your cultivation goals that may require unique volume, size or density we are always willing to help finding your perfect growing solution.

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